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Would you like to show your cat?

So you want to show your cat. The first piece of advice would be to go and visit a show to get a feel for what it's like.  The GCCF have a show calender that lists all the shows taking place in the next twelve months.

The Show Day starts from around 8am when exhibitors start to arrive for vetting in. Each cat must be seen by the vet and signed off as fit. You will then pass into the show hall where you find your allocated pen. 
We would always suggest giving the pen a quick wipe over with pet friendly wipes before setting up the blanket, litter tray and water dish. These must all be white with no markings or distinguishing features. You can then put your cat in and feed them.  You can also give them a last minute groom.
Around 10am you will be asked to leave the hall for judging to commence and at this time you must remove any toy and the food bowl from the cage.

The judges will go around the hall assisted by a steward and judge their allocated classes usually commencing with the title and breed classes. Results will be posted throughout the morning on the boards.

Around 1pm you will be allowed back into the hall and can put food back in the pen and one small toy. However, the judges will still be going around judging side classes, and if one approaches your pen you must move away immediately. The public are also allowed in around this time to view the cats.

During the afternoon you will find any rosettes or certificates you have won delivered to your pen.  

Towards the end of the afternoon the 'Best in show' judging will take place. This is usually done in a seperate area of the hall where spectators are welcome.

Most shows close around 5pm, this will be announced and you must not leave the show hall until that time. 

If you are new to showing or just thinking about it please contact us and we will try and find you a 'buddy' to offer help and general advice.

If you do decide to show please remember to send us your details so we can include you in our Show Bench Competition.
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Our Show....

Our 2019 show date has now been confirmed as the 9th February and will be held at the same venue Doncaster Deaf College.

Show Bench Competition

The Competiton is split into two, Breeders and individual cats owned by our members.

If you are a Breeder send us details of your prefix.  If you are an Owner send us details of each cat you show.  Breeders can also enter the cats they show in the individual cat competition.
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2018 results - up to the end of May

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If you think we have missed your prefix or individual cat please advise us using the 

Breeder Prefix
1st - Heathrose - Ian Morris
2nd - Barleyfields - Jean Stewart

Best Individual Cat
Adult - Heathrose Moon over Miami
Kitten - Emporiums Lara Croft
Neuter - tied on points are Heathrose Barry White & Barleyfields Paddington Bear

Breeder Prefix
1st - Jervo - Jean Boyes

Best Individual Cat
Adult - Jervo RossoBianco
Kitten - Jervo RossoBianco
Neuter -

Breeder Prefix
1st - Dalteema - Alan & Dawn Brown
2nd - Esaya - Audrey Saye
3rd - Maysula - Doreen Dobson
4th - Belkaton - Kate  Staveley      (there is only separating our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place)

Best Individual Cat
Adult - Atakad Chasing Rainbow
Kitten - Esaya Coat Dazure
Neuter - Dalteema Fantasia

Maine Coon
Breeder Prefix

Best Individual Cat
Adult - 
Kitten -
Neuter - Kassaro Ciscokid

Breeder Prefix
1st - Noynarock - Linda Grant

Best Individual Cat
Adult - tied on equal points Noynarock Mabel and Noynarock Zac
Kitten - Noynarock Sidney
Neuter - Noynarock Theo Strathye

Breeder Prefix
1st -Mypaws -  K Wilson

Best Individual Cat
Adult - Mypaws Solo
Kitten - Fellside Mademoiselle Bleu
Neuter - Lokitti My Heartbreaker

Breeder Prefix
1st - Belkaton - Kate Staveley
2nd - Esaya - Audrey Saye

Best Individual Cat
Adult - Musrafy Yuri Gagarin
Kitten - Bonnyhale Marta
Neuter - Belkaton Sophia

Pedigree Pet
Adult - Sydney
Kitten - Henry

Non Pedigree Pet
Adult - Smudge
Kitten -