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Norwegian Forest

Characteristics quick guide

  • Ease of Grooming

  • Amount of sheding

  • Affectionate

  • Vocal

  • Kid Friendly

  • Playfulness

​General statistics

Average age - 14 to 16 years
Average weight - females 9 to 12lbs, males 12 to 16lbs
Time to mature - 5 years
Breed group - semi long haired
Number of colours - all colours except chocolate, 
lilac, cinamon and fawn
Known health issues - none

​The Norwegian Forest Cat is a robust natural breed with a thick coat to keep it warm in the harsh Scandanavian climate.

The 'wegie' is a playful friendly cat who will soon be part of the family although he does not need constant attention and is not a lap cat. Due to his heritage he loves to climb and be up high.  

Although the coat is thick and dense it does not need as much attention as some breeds and a groom once a week will usually be sufficient although this may need to be increased in Spring as he soes into his Summer coat.