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Characteristics quick guide

  • Ease of Grooming

  • Amount of sheding

  • Affectionate

  • Vocal

  • Kid Friendly

  • Playfulness

​General statistics

Average age - 15 to 18 years
Average weight -  8 to 16lbs
Time to mature - 2 years
Breed group - semi long haired
Number of colours - 1
Known health issues - ​none
The Nebelung was breed by Cora Cobb. It resembles a Russian Blue with the significant difference of its coat length.

The breed is shy and affectionate but will need time to settle in to family life. They are better with older children and don't like loud noises and commotion. They are very playful and once bonded will follow their owners from room to room.

Their coats need a weekly groom with a comb to keep it in condition