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Characteristics quick guide

  • Ease of Grooming

  • Amount of sheding

  • Affectionate

  • Vocal

  • Kid Friendly

  • Playfulness

​General statistics

Average age - 12 to 15 years
Average weight - females 7 to 12lbs, males 12 to 14lbs
Time to mature - 2 years
Breed group - Persian
Number of colours - all colours and patterns
Known health issues - Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a hereditry kidney disease. This is screened for by breeders.

The Exotic has been nick named the 'lazy man's persian' as they have the traits of the Persian without the long hair.
They originated in America as a cross between a Persian and an American short hair. They were recognised by the GCCF in 1986. 

Although not as high maintenance as Persians the Exotic still need a groom at least twice a week. During the Spring and Summer they shed their undercoat which if not combed out can form mats. 

Tearing can occur and the corner of the eyes should be cleaned to prevent staining.