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Show Bench Competition 2017 results

​The show bench results for 2017 are in. After spending 6 hours collating it I realised I had forgotten to split out Adults, Kittens and Neuters. So for this year there is one overall individual cat in each breed but I have rectified this for 2018.

Prefix - Heathrose - Ian Morris
Cat - Heathrose Ursa Major owned by Ian Morris

Prefix - Heathrose - Ian Morris
Cat - Heathrose Benjamin Button owned by Ian Morris

Prefix - Maysula - Doreen Dobson
Cat - Maysula Barcardi owned by Doreen Dobson

Maine Coon
Prefix - Dark Tower - J Edwards
Cat - Isadorayou Lovebug owned by Debbie Collingwood

Prefix - Esaya - Audrey Saye (this was extremely tight with Belkaton (Kate Staveley) only 2 points behind)
Cat - Belkaton Pushka Tatanya owned by Claire Norman & Keira Maxfield